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1-Week Cycle Reboot {Free!}

The 1-Week Reboot contains a comprehensive guide to your transition off of hormonal birth control, showing you the road ahead through what you can expect and the small things you can do that add up to a healthier cycle and a healthier you! You’ll also receive bonus tips right in your inbox over the course of 1 week to help you put these new practices into place. Packed with useful information whether you are thinking about transitioning off or have already gone off your HBC.

Quit The Pill 5-Day Detox

Quit The Pill 5-Day Detox

An overburdened liver and compromised gut are two of the biggest challenges to post-pill recovery. The 5-Day Post-Pill Detox gives you a jumpstart in addressing both issues so that you can regain your health and fertility more quickly!

This is for you if, you’ve recently come off hormonal birth control and you are experiencing any of the following: *Persistent acne on the face, particularly along your jawline or on your forehead. *Acne on your body, including your chest, back and buttocks. *Stubborn weight gain in your midsection. *Brain fog. *Trouble sleeping, especially if you tend to wake after midnight and have difficulty falling back to sleep. *An irregular cycle, heavy period bleeding, excessive cramping, cyclical breast tenderness, or extreme PMS.

Imagine that in just 5 days, you’ve started to see relief and that you’ve set yourself up to keep on making progress towards feeling completely energized with clear skin and a healthy cycle.

HER fertility

Natural Birth Control | HER Fertility E-Course

While I provide an introduction to using the sympto-thermal method for birth control in the Transition Protocol, you should take a deep dive with an expert like Hannah Ransom before relying on it as your primary method of contraception! Did you know that with the right training, the sympto-thermal method is 99.6% effective?

Conscious Contraception

Conscious Contraception | Samantha Zipporah

For just $33/month you gain access to Samantha’s self-paced course that, yes, details the Fertility Awareness Method, but also goes so much deeper! The syllabus includes Physical & Energy Anatomy, Fertility Awareness Method, Spirituality & Sex Magic, and Herbal Allies for Avoiding Pregnancy. As Samantha says, this offering is for you if you want to avoid pregnancy while claiming inner authority through body sovereignty and literacy.


Fix Your Period E-Course | Nicole Jardim

This is the first course I took to regain my own cycle health post-pill. This 12-week program will help you to address the ROOT CAUSE of your period problems. Nicole walks you through how a healthy cycle works, ALL of the different types of hormone balances you might be experiencing, and then provides food, lifestyle and supplement regimens to address the root cause of your symptoms. She also includes a comprehensive guide to understanding blood tests, which is a critical part of being able to work with your doctor.

Track 1: For women experiencing 3 or more of the following: physical and emotional PMS or PMDD symptoms; long periods (more than 7 days); heavy or painful periods that disrupt your life; period blood that is dark red or brown or you have blood clots bigger than 1 inch; short cycles (your period comes every 24 days or less); a short luteal phase (10 days or less); spotting 7-10 days before your period or “breakthrough” bleeding at various times in the month; have been diagnosed with endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids, PCOS or infertility; moodiness, depression, anxiety, low sex drive; hair loss or acne

Track 2: For women experiencing  3 or more of the following: missing a period for 3 months or more, or you ovulate sporadically; irregular periods and never know when your period is going to come; short (2 days or less) periods, light periods or you just spot; long cycles that are more than 36 days long; period blood that isn’t red, but lighter pink or brownish; diagnosed with amenorrhea, low ovarian reserve, PCOS or infertility; moodiness, depression, anxiety, low sex drive; hair loss or acne




Join a community of women using the sympto-thermal method to either conceive or prevent pregnancy. The Wink thermometer isn’t currently in production, but you can still view resources and use the app!

FEMM Health

This is a great app for learning to track your cycle – and offers guidance for determining your fertile and infertile time periods. Best for beginners who are not yet tracking their Basal Body temps – but manual temperature entry is possible.

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