Reboot Your Cycle

The 1-Week Reboot contains a comprehensive guide to your transition off of hormonal birth control, showing you the road ahead through what you can expect and the small things you can do that add up to a healthier cycle and a healthier you!

This is basically the light version of the Quit The Pill Transition Plan – and it covers:

  • how to get off your HBC
  • some supplements that can support your transition
  • tips for digestive health
  • tips for adrenal & thyroid health

You’ll receive these bonus tips right in your inbox over the course of 1 week to help you put these new practices into place.

Packed with useful information whether you are thinking about transitioning off or have already gone off your HBC! Pop in your details below to receive the free guide and the weekly tips over the course of the next 7 days.

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