The Complete Quit The Pill Transition Protocol

Are you…

…taking hormonal birth control for reasons other than contraception and afraid of a resurgence of symptoms when you go off?

…interested in starting a family and worried about how quickly your fertility will return after birth control?

…experiencing low energy, low libido or other symptoms that are letting you know it’s time to quit the pill?

Or, have you…

…come off the pill and experienced an irregular cycle, absent periods, and other unwanted symptoms?

…been searching for answers to questions like when to go off of the pill and how to treat hormonal acne and other nuisance symptoms?

…tried to go off the pill (or other type of hormonal birth control) before and had adverse results that caused you to go back on it?

But, you’re still determined to quit the pill for good? Then the Transition Protocol is for you.


I quit the pill 4 times. Why 4? Because the first three times I had acne crop up with a vengeance, and had my period slowly disappear. Oh, and I also had an ovarian cyst rupture – that was pretty painful. So I know what it’s like to have health issues that the birth control pill masks – and to have doctors keep telling you to go back on it.

The fourth time, I pretty much took an entire summer off to research the biology of the female cycle and how the birth control pill and other forms of HBC work to suppress it. Then I got my health coaching certification and studied with ‘the period expert’ Nicole Jardim. After coaching a ton of 1:1 clients through the transition and holistic management of conditions like PCOS, endometriosis and amenorrhea, I put together this guide so that I could provide women like you with the resource I wish I had to begin my transition off of the pill.

When you know better, you do better. If you don't understand your cycle, or how hormonal birth control depletes your system, you can't support your body through the transition. I break it down for you in easy video modules.

{Video 1} What You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed & How to Prep Your Body for Transition 

  • What a healthy cycle looks like
  • How hormonal birth control disrupts your cycle
  • Pre-transition support to get your body ready
  • The best timing for quitting your hormonal birth control

{Video 2} Supporting Your Cycle in Months 1-3: Creating Optimal Health

  • Healing digestion post-pill
  • Targeted nutrition for a healthy cycle
  • Optimizing liver function & detoxification
  • Comprehensive supplement guide for post-pill recovery
  • Supporting adrenal health

{Video 3} Months 4-6 Post-Pill: Troubleshooting & Going Further

  • Identifying symptom meanings
  • Supplement recommendations for lack of ovulation, irregular cycles
  • Addressing post-pill acne and hair loss
  • Lifestyle resources and other tools


Post-Pill Liver Detox & Gut Healing Protocols

{Video 4} Cyclical Living Module: How to Tap Into Your Cycle to Boost Energy & Vitality!


You’ll also receive access to live calls with me every other month.

This is my way of taking all of what I used to do in my 3-month personal coaching and packaging it up for you in an at-your-own-pace, easy-to-digest and low-cost solution ($37).