Can The Moon Help Regulate Your Cycle?

I’m highlighting an oldie but a goodie today – it’s easy for us to forget how linked our female bodies are to the moon. So here’s a refresher on how to use the moon to help heal our cycles:

Humans, because of our high water content, are affected by the moon, much like the tides. Women, in particular, due to our monthly cycles, can be highly influenced by the monthly cycle of the moon.

In fact, most women with natural cycles (who are not and have not recently been on hormonal birth control) will ovulate with the full moon and bleed with the new moon.

A number of women will do the reverse, ovulating on the new moon and menstruating with the full moon. And some women will fall somewhere in between – generally when they are going through some sort of transition.

Because of this, the moon can provide a powerful tool for regulating your cycle. I especially recommend that women who are coming off of long term pill use utilize this tool to get a natural, healthy cycle back. This can be especially powerful if you have had irregular periods or a history of amenorrhea (no periods) prior to or following pill use.

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