• I came off the pill in 2012 and my period never returned. I was diagnosed with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. This was incredibly stressful as over the following 3 years I got married and my husband and I desperately wanted to start a family. After trying IVF unsuccessfully, I decided that getting my natural cycle back was the best solution. Kara taught me about using the moon cycle in place of my absent menstrual cycle, and all the things I should be doing during the different phases. This included nutrients, supplements, exercise, even how I should be feeling and socializing during each phase. She also reminded how to relax and treat myself with food I would normally restrict. On Christmas Day 2015 there was a full moon, and I didn’t realize at the time but I must have ovulated (for the first time) because two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I’m so grateful to Kara, with her help I was able to start our family, I couldn’t be happier!

    Kristy K. Singapore
  • I had been on birth control for a decade and was very attached to its convenience. Kara helped me to recognize how this was affecting my general well being and after much thought, I decided to try her recommendation of coming off birth control. I initially was critical and saw this as a trial period where eventually I might reintroduce birth control back into my life. After three months of the diet, exercise, and vitamins/supplements chosen for me by Kara during our session, my whole perspective has changed; it’s like I had always been in a fog. I am healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally and the change has done wonders for my work & personal life. I could never see myself going back on birth control because I would never want to sacrifice the way my body and mind feels today.

    Calla B. Colorado, USA
  • I reached out to Kara because my cycles were long, I wasn’t ovulating at the same time every cycle and I wasn’t happy with my cycle overall. Working with Kara opened up my eyes to different foods, products and lifestyle changes but even better was she actually got me to try them! I’d always been the one to read about things but never have the guts to try it out. I learned so much about cycle and how to nourish myself at different times of my cycle. I really appreciated her willingness to help, always offering up wisdom when I needed it and just being the kind of person you feel comfortable with. Since working with Kara my cycles got consistent in the 30 to 36 day range, I was able nail down my ovulation window pretty close, cystic acne decreased and I’ve learned how to manage my stress. AND I was finally able to conceive towards the end of our time working together and am expecting my first child as I write this. Those are the big changes but there are so many more small changes that she’s helped me with as well!

    April S. Missouri, USA
  • For my entire adult life I have been experiencing a hormonal imbalance that has caused irregular periods, ovarian cysts, ridiculous mood swings and PMS symptoms that usually last 2-3 weeks out of every month. In other words, I was used to feeling normal about one week out of each month. In the past, birth control just made things worse for me so I began working with Kara, who gave me the knowledge and tools to make simple lifestyle tweaks to get my hormones on track. I really appreciated Kara’s knowledge and enthusiasm to answer all of my questions, and to calm my concerns. After just three months of working with Kara, we were able to reduce and regulate the length of my cycle. However, the most life-changing part was that I recently went an entire cycle with no PMS symptoms at all!

    Lauren K. Nevada, USA
  • Approximately 15 months after coming off the pill, I started working with Kara as unfortunately my periods hadn’t returned and I had polycystic ovaries. I’d experienced amenorrhea / absent periods before so I wasn’t overly concerned to start with – however 15 months in I was feeling worried about whether I’d be able to conceive or not, and really frustrated too. I thought I was doing all the right things. While I was certainly on the right track, Kara explained what was likely going on and introduced me to some additional tools that gave my body the support it needed. Having someone to talk with that knew what they were talking about was amazing. I felt so supported and left each session feeling really clear on the simple diet and lifestyle tweaks to implement as well as why they were of benefit. The best news: the week of our last session together, my period returned! I had a smile from ear to ear while dancing around the bathroom. I’m still smiling actually. Words honestly can’t describe how grateful I am to Kara for her guidance and support during a really concerning time.

    Lauren H. Australia
  • I came to Kara to help me normalize my hormones after many years on the pill. My biggest concerns were breakouts, PMS, and long periods (7-8 days). Kara got a good sense of what my problems were in our initial meeting; she listened to all of my concerns and was easy to talk to, even about issues that are pretty personal. I was impressed with the depth of her knowledge, particularly relating to the relationship between diet and hormone balance. She gave me great recommendations for foods to add to my diet to improve my health, along with some supplements that I know have helped me both with these issues and with some digestives struggles I’ve had as well. I can safely say that I haven’t had PMS in months, my period is a much more manageable (and normal!) 4 days, and my breakouts have reduced. As a bonus, Kara was flexible with scheduling even as we were on different coasts.

    Mimi S. Washington, USA
  • Working with Kara was an absolute dream. After starting my journey with the Creighton Method, a fertility awareness program, I wanted to delve deeper into understanding my fertility. Kara not only took the time to truly understand my cycle but she also addressed some of my other issues including my severe acne, stomach discomfort and lack of energy. Week after week she taught me how to care for my body through a personalized protocol plan. Within two months I saw an incredible improvement in my skin and gut health. After completing my work with Kara, my cycle has returned to a healthy place after a year of having irregular cycles and a lack of ovulation. My time with Kara has left me feeling empowered about owning my hormonal health. Kara is incredibly kind and caring and took the time to make sure I really understood the reasoning behind the protocol she was prescribing. I recommend Kara to each of my friends because I believe every woman should know her body and fertility and Kara has helped me to achieve that goal.

    Elise Crawford Founder, Ringlet Studio - Washington, DC

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