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Quit The Pill (QTP) serves as a comprehensive resource for people who are looking to transition of off hormonal birth control and heal their cycles holistically. Here you will find information, suggested tools and resources, and help to connect you with practitioners who get it.

QTP also raises awareness about the little-discussed downside of hormonal birth control, because women deserve to be able to make informed decisions about their bodies. If you’ve got a feeling that hormonal birth control isn’t the only way to address painful periods, cycle irregularities, PMS, or acne, then you're in the right place.

While everyone should have the option to go on HBC if they choose to, it’s not meant to “fix” anything. It disrupts fertility, changes brain chemistry and covers up important health indicators. QTP is here to help you regain trust in your body, to decode your symptoms and to discover true health & vitality - without all the synthetic hormones.

Hello there! I'm Kristen, nutritionist, menstrual health educator, and owner of Quit The Pill (founded by Kara Ferreira in 2016). I believe in this resource because we are not taught about our bodies and I value education, especially after working with so many clients who wished they knew this information when transitioning off of hormonal birth control.

Many people become lost when it comes to understanding your body and your cycle, and to be dealing with frustrating symptoms like acne and erratic periods. In learning to heal your own body post-hormonal birth control, you will be surprised by what you learn: the side effects you're not told about, the over-prescription of the pill to "solve" problems like PCOS and endometriosis, and the almost complete lack of acknowledgement of the experience of menstruators by the medical establishment.

My hope is that Quit The Pill becomes your one-stop resource to finding information, tools, practitioners and lifestyle tweaks to get you off of the synthetic stuff if you decide to do so, and returning to a fertile cycle and energized life!

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What People Are Saying

  • I was finally able to conceive towards the end of our time working together and am expecting my first child as I write this. Those are the big changes but there are so many more small changes that she’s helped me with as well!

    -April S.
  • I am healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally and the change has done wonders for my work & personal life. I could never see myself going back on birth control because I would never want to sacrifice the way my body and mind feels today.

    -Calla B.
  • The best news: the week of our last session together, my period returned! I had a smile from ear to ear while dancing around the bathroom. I’m still smiling actually. Words honestly can’t describe how grateful I am for the guidance and support during a really concerning time.

    -Lauren H.

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